AGATES OF THE PACIFIC COAST by K.T. Myers and Petrovic  - ISBN13: 9781450757362 - HOT OFF THE PRESS - March 2011!

< - - With Agates of the Pacific Coast you can now have guidance readily at your fingertips. This indespendensable pocket guide is small enough to fit comfortably in a inside your coat, back pack or into the golve compartment of your car. Easy-to-use with simple descriptions this full color illustrated guide of the what, when and how of information on agate and jasper to jade, fossils and petrified wood commonly found along the Pacific Coastline. The specimens are shown in their rough natural state with their description and the cover shows them in all of their polished glory.

Amazingly accurate! Just take your dry stones and lay them over the photos to identify them. Learn about the stunning uncommon true colors and various varieties of agate to be found that would also include the agates with inclusions, enhydro (water agates), and jade v.s. jasper, also a special section of fossil agates, petrified woods, and fossils that may be found among the cobbles along the beaches. While many specimens are readily available, the rare and higher-quality ones are highly sought after.

During the winter and early spring, you will want to visit the coast to search for agates. Oregon has great open public beach access to welcome those who wish to indulge! There are excellent locations for watching the waves, whales, sunsets and storm watching, the coast is a treasure trove for collecting driftwood, agates, shells and floats. Bedrock exposed from the sea at low tide creates perfect pockets for tide pooling, and beach combing, just for challenging the adventure seekers.

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